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Cloudist Partner Program offers a one-stop-shop to set up your own cloud services without the hassle of developing and managing the technology and infrastructure behind it. In short - we give you more time to focus on your customer and help them grow.


We offer three levels of partner tiers – Gold, Silver and Bronze. As a partner, you get access to different benefits depending on which tier you get qualified in.

  Bronze Partner Silver Partner Gold Partner
Monthly recurring revenue  0-10 kSEK/month 10-50 kSEK/month 50+ kSEK/month
Discount level 10% Discount 20% Discount 30% Discount
Contract length None None None
Who bills the customer? Partner Partner Partner
Cloudist engagement Portal Cloudist account manager Cloudist Team
Demo accounts N 50% on discount Free up to 5kSEK/month
Access to leads N N Y
Partner portal access Y Y Y
Cloudist logo usage Y Y Y
Knowledge base Y Y Y
Product and sales materials Y Y Y
Can white label Y Y Y
Partner profile on Cloudist webpage Y Y Y
Exclusive promos / activities N Y Y
Onsite training N Y Y
Marketing development funds N N Y
Product pre-release testing access N N Y

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