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SERVICE RELEASE | Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is an exciting cloud opportunity to offer customers new levels of protection. It’s a huge growth market with 15.4% growth expected through 2023. Why the need? Companies are accelerating their digital strategies to survive and thrive, and this increased dependence puts them at risk for downtime caused by technology failures, cyberattacks and other major disruptors.


Companies need a scalable, cost-effective way to address this risk that doesn’t burden their IT. Now you can help them with Cloudist Solutions cloud-based DRaaS solution.


Your opportunities

  • Grow deal size by including DRaaS in every sales conversation, if they are on the cloud already, offer cloud to cloud DRaaS, if not, offer them on-premises to cloud DRaaS

  • Upsell consultative services for periodic failover testing and VDC preparation – get closer to the customer’s business and application estate

  • Accelerate cloud adoption with simplified VMware native migration either warm or cold and self-service from vSphere client plugin or their VDC portal

  • Offer VCD customers and protection between our North and Central data centers (Cloud to Cloud DRaaS)

  • Achieve ongoing benefits with a new recurring revenue stream


Feature highlights

Unified - Cloudist DRaaS is a unified solution that allows for simple, fast and efficient disaster recovery from on-premises to cloud as well as cloud to cloud. It is unified for all vSphere clouds, supporting any vSphere site to our Cloud from within your vSphere client via a simple plugin.

Cost Effective - Cloudist DRaaS is much cheaper to manage as you don’t have to purchase the target hardware or the software; it is a rental model for your customers based on their usage.

Supportable - Your operations teams needn’t learn a new product; it is very intuitive and works inside your existing vSphere-based solutions.

Simple to Deploy and Simple to Use - Deployment is a simple replication virtual appliance. Connect to the cloud endpoint we supply then start replicating and protecting your customer VMs

One View – The DRaaS solution delivers a smooth, integrated experience with VM/vApp context menu actions and protection indication in VMware Cloud Director.

Quick to Protect – As it is based on vSphere, there are no agents to deploy and no host firewall changes etc., unlike Zerto and other products such as Azure Site Recovery (ASR).

Granular Protection – Choose from three recommended tiers of service (SLA profiles) to meet requirements for granularity and speed of recovery.


Get started with full self-service capabilities. Find out more information on how to get started here or get in touch for a demo.


For more info, please contact: or +46 10 788 20 30






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