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Cloudist VDC is a scalable, purpose-built IaaS solution, enabling our technology partners to run their customer's infrastructure on an hourly basis. Through a single pane of glass, operators can create, customize, and manage in the most effective and quickest way.

We keep our services simple but yet powerful and green – available from our north and central regions in Sweden.


The Cloudist VDC offers some of the most flexible and cost-efficient benefits for your organization. With us, you can customize your solutions for fast delivery and optimized business.


Manage your services via a simple interface and create virtual data centers, virtual private servers (VPS) or firewalls. Windows Server or Linux? SQL server? Firewall or load balancer? Regular backup? Everything is possible!


With our Infrastructure-as-a-Service service, you can create value by building solutions that connects your or your customer's local data center, our private cloud, public clouds and all kinds of hybrid solutions in between. Creative solutions require good tools - Cloudist VDC opens up opportunities.


Today, Bitnami delivers and maintains a catalog of more than 150 ready-made server applications and development environments in partnership with VMware. Start Wordpress, NGINX, LAMP, PHP and more directly in your VDC.


Cloudist VDC provides you with fast and easy delivery of flexible workloads, brought to your customers from multiple regions.


We remove the pain of your long-running CapEx investments and empower you to make money from the first day you enable the VDC service.


With the IaaS running you can spend more time building value for your customers and with few clicks adjust the workload on-demand – by yourself or letting your customer do the changes.


Join us today and get a 30-day free trial to explore all the benefits as a Cloudist Solutions customer! Welcome!


VMware Cloud Verified

Built on proven designs – scalable and resilient.

Portal for full control

Manage and overview multiple customers and their VDCs.

Built on automation

VDC deployed in minutes – based on your needs, ready to be used.

Flexible API

Terraform/Ansible/REST API – build what you want, when you need it, how you need it.


Service is deployed in secure data centers (Security class 3.)

Data locality

All data located in Sweden, governed by Swedish corporations and legislations.

Geographical reach

Deploy in the region where the VDC is closest to home and reach all Nordic capitals under 15ms.

Geographical stretch

Build geographically spanned network solutions using IPSec tunnels, dedicated connections, or the Internet.

No system administration

Provide value to your customers instead of managing hardware and software.


Do you want to know more about how we can help you with your cloud services? Don't hesitate - contact us today.

+46 10 788 20 30


What is the difference between a VPS and a VDC?

A virtual data center (VDC) can be functionally compared to a physical data center, but with a much simpler management of servers, networks, firewalls and other virtual components. If you use virtual data centers, you avoid locking in to the physical hardware. This means that you can flexibly start and stop your virtual servers when the need arises and only pay for the time you have used the server. If more capacity is needed, this can be easily adjusted, up or down, in most cases even during normal operation. This provides the opportunity to quickly adapt to the customer's or organization's needs.

What is VPS and how does it work?

A VPS, or virtual private server, is a virtual instance that runs on a physical server in a data center. Each VPS has its own capacity allocated and runs in isolation from other instances. A VPS can be used for many purposes - running internal applications such as file servers, databases and mail systems or used to publish external services such as websites or API services. VPS'es can be managed more easily than physical servers, by being able to restart, expand capacity and connect or disconnect networks without being inside the physical data center. VPS'es are independent of running on a specific physical server, which means that you do not have to shut down the VPS to perform maintenance on the physical server.

What does it mean to run a server in the cloud?

The advantages of running your servers in the cloud are that you can start new projects faster and thus get a better ROI on your investments. Should a project be cancelled, you can easily shut down your servers and then get rid of the cost. Likewise, you can quickly expand the capacity by creating more servers or expand the existing ones, so that you can meet the business' requirements for the application or solution. When the need decreases, you quickly scale down again. The virtual servers in the cloud can be easily customized to run the operating system or application you are used to, and you can use the expertise you already have to maximize the value of your solutions.

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