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At Cloudist Solutions, we serve IT-professionals. We provide you with a one-stop-shop portal with cloud services delivered from world class sustainable data centers.
Re-brand the portal with your graphical design and provide virtual server, backup, S3 buckets, Microsoft 365 subscriptions or disaster recovery services to your customers within seconds.
We bring a proven foundation of simplicity, cutting edge technology and environmental sustainability – you bring your customer specific, value adding solutions as icing on the cake, and you will have the recipe for a perfect cloud service partnership.

Cloud Services

Why Cloudist?

  • Partnership - we offer services through partnership
  • Self-Service - manage any service through a single pane of glass.
  • Flexible - join when needed, start when ready, grow as you go
  • Secure - services are delivered from data centers in Security class 3
  • Simple pricing - Creating business with us is easy
  • Sustainable - Our cloud services run on 100% renewable energy

Our portal

Easy access

Create your own Cloudist Portal account and get access to all our cloud services within minutes and manage everything from one place.

Fully integrated

Our Portal is integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and Azure and gives you the power to manage all your subscriptions.

Fully customizable

Add new services and shut down the ones you don’t need anymore. The Cloudist Portal gives you full control and flexibility.


Scale up. Scale down – anytime you like. Cost is based just on your usage daily without the need for hardware investments.


Join us today with a 30-day free trial to explore all the benefits as a Cloudist Solutions partner! Welcome!

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